Questions & Answers

Who are Anne and Jake?

We often describe ourselves as enthusiastic, sometimes animated, and most of the time hilarious. We are not afraid to talk to strangers or ask for directions. We are friendly with dogs but prefer they don't bark. We love to eat good food but usually have frozen pizza twice a week. We are creative procrastinators and are messier than most would think. We live in our little house in Saint Paul, MN with our extremely high energy (but definitely sweet) border collie, Judy. This wedding is the biggest party we will ever throw and we cannot wait to begin the celebration with all our family and friends. We promise good food, fun dancing, and hilarious people (well, not everyone, but you know what I mean)!

Who is in the wedding?

Ben Ingman Best Man
Peter Lindberg Groomsman
Katie Ingman Maid of Honor
Cassie Lindberg Matron of Honor
Becky Gibbs Personal Attendant
Amanda Pettis Personal Attendant
Matt O'Laughlin Usher
Joel Schwarz Usher

Where are you registered?

We are registered at Macy's and Amazon.

What is Camrose Hill Flower Farm?

Camrose Hill is a 1880's dairy farm where Cindie Sinclair lives and works. She has converted abandoned farm fields into gardens and old barns into workshops. Both the ceremony and reception will be at Camrose Hill. We will be outside, with a pavilion and tented area for dinner.

Where should we park?

We strongly encourage carpooling. There is available parking in a field on Camrose Hill property. Please follow signs and do not park in the driveway.

What if it rains?

There is a pavilion and tented area that will accommodate all our guests for the ceremony and reception.

What should I wear?

We want everyone to feel comfortable. Our one recommendation is to avoid high heels because they will sink into the ground! Wedges or flat shoes work best.

Who is catering the event?

You will be dining on delicious organic food provided by Chowgirls and cake from Wuollet Bakery.

Do you have meals for kids?

Yes, we will be providing kid-friendly meals. If you would like a kid's meal, please email us.

How did you make your invitations?

We used a Japanese screen printing system called Gocco. It makes it very easy to basically "stamp" a design on all the invitations. We printed everything with Gocco - the flowers, the text, and even the map. We purchased all the supplies from Welsh Products, and we highly recommend them. Check out the Fun Stuff page to see some videos of the process.